Goodbye 26, Hello 27

26 was was pretty good to me. Some not-so-fun stuff happened: my lactose intolerance became worse than ever (goodbye forever ice cream, I’ll miss you.)... My soy intolerance tried sneaking it’s way into allergy territory.... and my eyebrow hair decided to fall out and grow back super long and weird, but a lot of good stuff happened, too. Finally - after like a zillion years - I graduated college, won some cool awards, I got a job that allows me to afford guac on my burrito, was able to see three out of my top five favorite bands in concert, and I got to go to NYC to see my favorite show, SNL, filmed live! I hope 27 is cool - I’ve already bought tickets to see Portugal. The Man in March and I’ve got plans to get a mole on my head removed, so I'm looking forward to those events. 

That's me holding a giant cookies

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