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Hi there!

Last year when I created a project for class called HOLY SHEET, i really wanted to make that happen, but didn't know where to start. How would I get in contact with a company who could print my designs onto sheets? How would I pay for everything or store all the products? What if they didn't sell and now I was stuck with 500 packages of sheets? It was all a little overwhelming and something I wasn't able to do financially.

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So I've been working on something the past few weeks and I'm way excited to announce that I've opened a Society6 shop!

I've been creating and selling items on my Etsy shop, Toastless, for the past few years, but the feedback I get all the time is that people don't want to buy original paintings, handmade ornaments, or magnets. They want items they can use everyday like t-shirts, mugs, backpacks, and duvet covers, which I totally understand.

Etsy and social media has also changed a lot since I started back in 2014, and taking a few years off while I was in school has negatively affected my shop, which has been a huge bummer. I didn't deactivate my shop, I left it open for most of 2016 and 2017 thinking that was better than shutting it down but I wasn't actively promoting and getting views and sales it so my ranking on Etsy dropped a LOT. I know that selling paintings and magnets will never be as popular as selling baby headbands and tutus, but I think I can do a little better sales-wise.


Toastless won't go anywhere as of now. I'll still use that to sell my more kitschy and original artwork like paintings and handmade ornaments. It'll be a separate brand from my Society6 shop and my personal brand. I want my Society6 shop to basically be an extension of my personal website and portfolio, whereas Toastless will be where I get to make stuff that might not work well with my portfolio. I also thought it would be easier this way since I won't be able to sell my patterns on my Etsy shop or my Etsy stuff on Society6.

I was hesitant about starting a shop on Society6 but I'm hopeful and think it'll work out well for right now. I hope someday to have a little more control over what products my designs are on and where they're sold and all those fun details, but until then this is the best solution. I'm sad I won't have any control over the packaging. I love adding a personal touch with the presentation of my art when I sell something through Etsy.


I ordered one of the zipper pouches in So Many Faces in yellow the other night and I'm looking forward to seeing the quality of the printing. I hope it turns out. I'll write a review once it gets here. I plan on buying one of each of the products Society6 offers so I can see the quality for myself.

Each design will be featured on different products ranging from art prints to bedding to duffle bags and more! I've gone through and selected items for each pattern that I felt fit the design the best. My goal is to add a design a week, but at least two designs a month. It can get kind of busy working a full-time job, running an Etsy shop, a Society6 shop, having a social life, and taking time to eat sometimes.

To shop my store, click here. If you have an account, follow my shop to see all of my new designs.