Portugal. The Man Concert 2.10.18

I traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota this past weekend to see Portugal. The Man for the third time. It was a super fun show and I got to see them at Palace Theatre in St. Paul, which is my favorite venue because they have this balcony that works great for short people and it isn't super far away from the stage.


I went to the concert with my boyfriend, and the night started out kind of rough. I didn't think to check what other events were going on and we ended up getting stuck in traffic for almost an hour. There was a hockey game going on and I think something else, because it was crazy! We eventually found a parking ramp and made our way to Palace.

It's crazy to think about a year ago I saw PTM playing in a pretty small venue in Des Moines, Iowa and now they're playing back-to-back sold out shows in Minneapolis/St.Paul.

The opener band, Twin Peaks, was the same band that opened for Spoon when I saw them in September and they didn't change my opinion. Still not a fan. 

PTM played a lot more of their more known songs/hits this time around, but it was still a fun show. There were quite a few people who left, which I thought was weird, but maybe they weren't familar with PTM and thought all their stuff would sound like 'Feel It Still'? Who knows. But it was super fun and there were no giants crashing into me this time during the entire concert.

Portugal. The Man will always be on my list to see when they're on tour and I'm glad all the success they've had in the last year hasn't changed them.

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