LIGHTS Concert 03.17.18

I had a blast seeing Lights on St. Patrick's day in Minneapolis at Music Hall MPLS . I've been a fan of Lights since 2008, when my friend gave me a burned CD with a couple of her songs. From there, I was hooked!

I got to see Lights as an opener for PVRIS at Skyway Theatre this past October where she played a short acoustic set because her bus broke down and she was unable to get all her instruments to Minneapolis, but I was looking forward to seeing her play a longer set with her normal setup.

Before the concert, I got food with my boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend, and his sister. We went to Pizza Luce in Minneapolis and had some appetizers. It was close to the venue and not far from our parking spot. We hung out there for awhile and then made our way to the venue.

The openers for the concert were not really my type of music. The first opener was DCF and he was dressed up like the Burger King and I just couldn't get into his music. It felt like he was just singing karoke. Just not my thing.

The second opener, Chase Atlantic, still wasn't my kind of music but they were a little better. They had actual instruments and weren't awkward on stage. One of the members even played saxophone, so that was pretty unexpected for a mostly electronic band.

Lights put on an amazing show- she was so energetic and you could tell she wanted to be there and loved performing. She played a lot of songs from her new album, Skin & Earth, but threw in some older songs as well. It's crazy how talented she is. She does pretty much everything.

The venue was pretty small and got a little hot, but wasn't too bad. It was clean and security was fast. There was a bit of a line to get into the venue, but the staff was fast and efficient at getting people in. 

The crowd at this concert was... unique. There was one girl near our group and she was insane and definitely on something. She was way into my boyfriend and tried kissing me. So that was different. Luckily her and her friends left after the second opener.

After the concert, I went to the world's greatest grocery store- the Hy-Vee in Eagan, Minnesota. I sound like a weirdo to have a favorite grocery store, but it has two bakeries (one for cakes, one for bread), a clothing store, and it's huge! It's what every grocery store should strive to be. I have to visit every time I'm in the cities.

Overall,  it was a great show and I hope to see her on her next tour!

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