Toastless is Back

So it's been a little while... both since I've written on here or updated my Etsy shop, but I'm here to show you some of the new items I've recently added and talk about them a little bit.

I've been busy trying to launch my Etsy shop again after a few years of inactivity, and it's been tough. Etsy - as well as the internet is general - has changed a lot since I launched my shop in 2014. I've been learning a LOT about marketing and the importance of SEO. It's been slow process, but I'm finally starting to get my shop up and running again.

I wanted to revamp my shop a little and make it better than ever now that I'm out of school and have time to focus on it. My ultimate goal is to eventually make a little bit of a steady side income from my shop, a little bit of extra money to set aside for emergencies, unexpected bills, or maybe even a little shopping money.

I still wanted the same weird kind of art I had been creating when I started my Etsy shop in 2014, but I wanted it to look more polished. With that, I decided to keep a lot of my subjects similar, but to outline them in thick black lines to add a bit more of a cartoon feel. I've also been inspired by artists such as Keith Haring, and Nickelodeon is a huge influence of my art and style. I took that into consideration with my color palettes and the patterns I used in my works.

I'm excited to continue to add and grow with my shop and I hope to continue to expand my line of products. I have a few things I have planned and I hope I can announce them soon!

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