Review: Spoon Concert 09.16.17

This was my second time seeing Spoon, the first time at the Basilica Block Party in 2010 with my sister. I was looking forward to seeing the band in an actual venue and not a festival setting.

my ticket

I got to the doors pretty early because I'm short so I like to secure a good spot. There was some drama at the front doors because people were drunk and wanted to get in the show and the bodyguards didn't let them in. So that was entertaining! I was like the third person inside and like the nerd I am, purchased my tour tee and went inside.

I'll be honest, I wasn't a fan of Twin Peaks at all. So that set felt like it took forever. They weren't bad at performing, but their style of music just wasn't my thing. I listened to them on Spotify before the concert and wasn't into them then and seeing them live didn't help at all.


It was time for Spoon to start playing and I was so excited! I got the most perfect spot in the venue- right on a ledge with a railing. No tall people could block my view and it was great! And Spoon was amazing. The concert went by so fast. It was great to hear some songs off their new album- which is amazing by the way! I felt like the band was playing with even more energy than normal since they were filming the concert and it was their second sold out show in Minneapolis. They performed the day before to a sold out crowd at Palace. It was neat seeing everyone who raised their hand when the band asked who'd seen them the night before.


The concert went late, but it was one of the best concerts I've been to! When I saw Spoon in 2010, they didn't really interact with the crowd. It was the middle of summer and HOT while they played at an outdoor music festival, so I'm sure they weren't able to get the energy to play an intense set, but they really made up for it with this show!


I'm looking forward to seeing Spoon for a third time the next time they visit Minneapolis and I hope they play at Palace Theatre again. It was just a great experience.

Twin Peaks/Spoon
Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Palace Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Opening acts: Twin Peaks
Main act: Spoon
Set list:

  1. Do I Have to Talk You Into It

  2. Inside Out

  3. I Turn My Camera On

  4. The Beast and Dragon, Adored

  5. Rainy Taxi

  6. Don't You Evah

  7. Do You

  8. I Ain't the One

  9. Anything You Want

  10. Can I Sit Next To You

  11. My Mathematical Mind

  12. Don't Make Me a Target

  13. The Underdog

  14. Got Muffin

  15. Black Like Me


  1. First Caress
  2. Everything Hits at Once
  3. Small Stakes

Encore 2:

  1. I Summon You (Britt Daniel solo)
  2. Pink Up
  3. Hot Thoughts
  4. Rent I Pay