Review: PVRIS/Lights Concert 10.21.17

I've been listening to Lights since 2008, so when my sister told me she was performing in Minneapolis I had to go! In the past I tried getting tickets to see her live, but my job always got in the way or I didn't have much money. Finally, almost 10 years after my friend burned me a CD of some of her music and I listened to it on repeat, I was about to see Lights play live.

Earlier in the day Lights tweeted that her bus broke down. I was sure she wasn't going to be able to make it to Minneapolis, as she was hours away. Lights was amazing though and figured out a way to get to Minneapolis and put on an acoustic show though, and it was amazing!


My sister, her boyfriend, and I took and Uber from my parents house to Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis. Our Uber driver was a character. She was from Maryland and told us about her life and it was an entertaining ride for sure! She was really nice though and we made our way to the venue safely. Unfortunately, it was kind of gloomy weather and we had to wait outside before the show. It was the longest hour ever standing out there in the rain. 

 Not the best photo, but Lights playing her acoustic set at Skyway Theatre.

Not the best photo, but Lights playing her acoustic set at Skyway Theatre.

I wasn't the biggest fan of this venue at all. Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis was way disorganized and understaffed. It seemed like the staff was all hired yesterday and had no clue what they were doing. It took forever to get in the venue even though they had multiple lines. Once inside, the ATM machine was broken and the venue was just real gross, and not in a charming way.

The first opener was Flint Eastwood. I had listened to some of her music on Spotify before, but didn't realize it until I heard her perform a couple of songs. She had great energy and gave 110% during her set.

Next up was Lights. This was my first time seeing a concert just to see an opener, so I was a little sad about her set being short but it was really amazing seeing her play an acoustic set even under the circumstances of her bus breaking down. She put on a great show and the acoustic set really allowed her voice to shine through. I loved hearing songs off her new album.

Next up was the main act, PVRIS. This was my second time seeing them even though I'm not a fan. The first time I saw them was March 2016 as an opener for Fall Out Boy's Wintour tour. I've listened to PVRIS on Spotify and I'm just not into them. Their sound mixing is never good; you can hear the instruments really well but never the singer's voice. Even with earplugs in, it was difficult to hear the songs. We didn't end up sticking around for PVRIS' entire set.

Overall, it was a good experience and I'm looking forward to seeing Lights on her headlining tour!

 Another not-so-great photo

Another not-so-great photo

PVRIS / Lights / Flint Eastwood
Saturday, October 21, 2017 at Skyway Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Opening acts: Flint Eastwood, Lights
Main act: PVRIS
Set list:

  1. Skydiving

  2. February Air

  3. Same Sea

  4. Cactus in the Valley

  5. New Fears

  6. Savage

  7. Up We Go

  8. Giants

  9. Toes

  10. Banner