A Little Bit of Christmas

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is almost here! I'm sad that the holidays are almost over, but I'm looking forward to starting fresh in 2018. I had a really great Christmas break. It was short and involved a lot of driving, but it was great seeing family.

This year, we began our trip to Fargo, North Dakota. We left Iowa around 4:30 pm after grabbing some Chipotle (I got a chicken burrito bowl) and getting gas. It was a long six hour long drive, but the roads were great and we made it to Fargo by 11 / 11:30 pm that night. When we got to the hotel, we unpacked and played games on our laptops. I just got Sims 4 so I've been just slightly addicted!


The next morning we got up around 8 am and grabbed breakfast at the hotel. We hung out around the hotel for a bit and enjoyed the quiet before we headed over to Gavin's sister's place. We stopped at Target for a bit to walk around and grab a hot chocolate and chai from Starbucks and headed out.

Christmas in Fargo was fun! Even though I'm in my mid / late 20's, I still get excited giving and receiving presents. We did a gift exchange and I got a cool lightbulb shaped water bottle, a new lunchbox, and a plant holder!

We headed back to the hotel around 10 or 11 pm, got our stuff packed up, and played games until around 1 am (Like I said, I'm addicted right now! It's kind of embarassing) and fell asleep. We woke up around 9 am Sunday and grabbed breakfast at the hotel again and started the drive to Brainerd, MN.

Kevin using his new present as a pillow

Kevin using his new present as a pillow

We got to my parents house around 3 pm to celebrate with my parents, brother, sister, and her boyfriend. My youngest sister was celebrating in Portland with her boyfriend's family this year. We hung out and chatted while waiting for my sister to get home.

Every Christmas Eve my mom makes soup for dinner. This year she made pepperoni, chicken noodle, and beer cheese. Maybe another one, I'm not sure. I had the chicken noodle soup and it was amazing! Once we filled up on soup, we all hung out in the living room. 

My sister and her boyfriend finally arrived and then it was time to open presents! I had a lot of fun picking out gifts this year. I got my mom a rose-scented gift set from LUSH, my dad U2's new album and a record-shaped giftcard to Barnes and Noble, my brother a couple of bags of coffee, my middle sister a hat from Aerie with removable pom poms, and my youngest sister a desk calendar with pictures of French Bulldogs. I got my sister's boyfriend the new Spiderman movie and my brother's girlfriend a candle from Bath and Body Works.

I got some super awesome presents this year from my parents like brand new headphones, yoga stuff, and a couple of gift cards to my favorite places, Target and Starbucks! It was a great Christmas even if my youngest sister wasn't able to be there.

We hung out for a little while after presents and played some games that you connect to your TV. Those were pretty fun. I'm not big on games, but these don't require much thinking so it's great!

The next day we drove to Wadena, MN to spend time with more of Gavin's family. There we hung out with his dad's side of the family and opened gifts. I got a couple Fall Out Boy records, a handmade scarf, new bag, and water bottle. It was nice to see everyone and eat some good food. We headed back to my parents house later that night and played more of the TV games and then went to bed. 

We got ready that morning to run errands and check out Target's holiday clearance. We walked around Target for a while and it was BUSY! We also stopped by Costco, TJ Maxx, the bank, and grabbed lunch at this local burrito place. I got a chicken burrito bowl and it was SO GOOD! It's pretty much the only good thing about Brainerd.

After we got back, we just hung out with my mom. I updated her iPod with some new music and played some more Sims while we talked and watched TV. It was nice to just chill after a few busy days.

kevin car

The next morning we woke up and got ready to travel back to Iowa. It was so cold - like in the negatives! - cars weren't starting. Luckily, we got the Subaru to work and were able to get on our way. We stopped in St. Cloud to take a look at American Eagle and see if they had a better selection of jeans than what's at our location, but didn't find anything I liked, so we continued our way to Minneapolis.

We stopped by the Mall of America so Gavin could exchange a shirt and check out the Disney Store to see if they had any TsumTsums. Unfortunately, they didn't have much which was kind of disappointing. It was a quick stop, but it was nice to walk around for a little bit. I miss living in the cities.

We stopped later that afternoon to grab dinner at Wendy's in Albert Lea. I got chicken nuggets and was surprised my order didn't get messed up like it normally does. I feel like every time I go to Wendy's or Taco Bell, my order gets messed up.

long drive home

We made good time on our drive and got back to Iowa at around 6:30 that night. We spent a little bit unpacking and cleaning, then I played Sims and watched The Office for the 100th time. 

This Christmas was really chill and fun, even with all the traveling. I'm sad I wasn't able to take more time off to spend with family, but it was nice seeing everybody. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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